Simulating and analysing a landing gear connected to airplane fuselage in Solidworks.does any one have any idea??

I've designed a landing gear(for an RC plane) in solidworks and i want to analyse its effect on a fuselage made of composite(so no failure occurs upon landing) but i dont know how to distribute the loads in order to get the right answer.
TNX for your help ; )

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i need more detail so i may help you

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The airplane fuselage is made of composite(sandwich : two layer of 100g fiber and balsa with epoxy used as resin).
I want to know wether the fuselage breaks when the landig gear touches the ground or not?
I mean that how must I simulate the forces that are caused by impact between the landing gear and the fuselage.
I hope my explanations are clear enough!

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what I understand is that you are in a shut(full) case, which is not a static study and you want to approach it to a static case and replace the choc with a force it not easy to find the replacement and not accurate , because you need to know the exact acceleration at the moment of the contact add it to the gravity than multiply all by the weight ; the problem now is how to evaluate this acceleration which variable (and depends on the shock absorber if there is one) ? So you need the maximum of its curve

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First of all TNX mahdi,
Yeah,something like this
I have found out that solidworks is not strong enough for such analysis.because many aspects affect on landing .i think its better to use ANSYS .but i'm not sure if i can reach the result in two or three weeks because i've never worked with ANSYS before!!

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Hi alireza riazi,

Unfortunately, mahdi have wright. If you want to do this study in an static manner is little bit difficult because of more variable elements which can be found in model. From my point of view this problem can be resolved more efficiently if you will use transient dynamic method considering in first step only moment of shock (short time before shock and short time after shock) considering kinematic constraints through all components, friction coefficients, stress-strain curve for material of components, etc. This type of study is not basically easy to be made without some basically knowledge of some simulation software.

I waiting your answare about your problem, because I am curios how do you resolve it. More than that I am interested to help you, if you are agree, with simulation for free because this domain (airplane) is a hobby, and if you need some help I will offer my support.

So, good luck and best regards.

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