sketch analysis in nx cad

is there any option available in nx to analysis the sketch which means whether the sketch is fully constrainted or not .And also want know about in sketch which is that ,there is some intersection or over lapping in sketch in nx how can i know that error? can any one help me please?

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2 Answers

* Fully constrained sketch
Then in sketch environment "Status line" notes if a sketch is fully constrained or not. And if not how many contraints it needs to be fully constrained.

* Intersection and overlap
Don't know. I doubt intersecection and overlapps can be considered an error, bad practice maybe.

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Hi Venkatesan kumar,
your question on constraints was answered by Elonas Radzevicius.

Overlapping and intersection: if you create a sketch-based feature such as extrude or revolve, set your Curve Rule and turn the Stop at Intersection option on.
After you select any sketch curve, the selected chain will stop automatically at the intersection point.

If you are thinking to a Sketch Analysis command like in CATIA, forget it, unfortunately this feature is missing from NX.

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