Slic3r upload issue

Hello everyone,

Whenever I download an STL file and upload it to Slicer to convert to a GCODE, the scale is off by what seems like over 3000% smaller. I'm trying to print different things from here on a Lulzbot AO-101. I have yet to discover if all the files are off a by the same scale. I also try opening them in Autodesk Inventor to edit them, but when I try to re export it tells me there is a "no body" issue.

Any and all suggestions appreciated,

Thanks, Luke

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2 Answers

the file. STL is based on points (the model is composed of dots) that make up ogulny appearance, but not part of the geometry
These points are linked together in the form of triangles for read files 3D by printer.
It's as if the from man will download skure

perhaps because you can not save the geometry file?
At the same time I do not have Autodesk Inventor, and I can not really answer that last question

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Thankyou for the background information on STLs

I downloaded Netfabb and was able to use that to help me make some proper scale adjustments, a temporary solution to the problem

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