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Hi, i'm really used to solidworks, now i'm learning how to use solidedge (i need that to make a model for a company) and i need help to mate a screw. I'm searching something like the screw mate in SW, in which you can select a shaft and mate that to an hole and when you'll rotate the shaft in will advance like a screw in a threaded hole.
(i'm working with ST8)

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2 Answers

U should use the insert "mate" where u can select the shaft of the screw and the hole it belongs in, after that u can select the face of the screw and the face of the surface u want it to be fixed on.

hopefully this will clear things up, i used solid works but now i use solid edge. much better imo.

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The mate command is what you're looking for. Here's a tutorial.
Although when you rotate the screw it will not advance like a screw in a threaded hole.

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