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Solidworks Equation Driven Curves

By mozguc on 21 Oct 10:40 1 answer 1104 views 0 comments

Xt = 50*sin(t)
Yt = 50*cos(t)
Zt = 20*sin(3.5*t)+10*t

t1 = 0
t2 = 50
Xt = cos(t)
Yt = .09*cos(5*t)
Zt = sin(t)

t1 = 0
t2 = pi*1.99

1 answer

  • Brad Lundell
    Brad Lundell almost 2 years ago

    Under Spline there is an option for Equation Driven Curve. The Z for this is what ever plane you are on or if you use a 3D sketch then it will give you the option to define the Z as well.

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