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How can i get a SolidWorks Job, Can anyone help me to find a Job, You can refer one of my multi purpose Machine model attachement which is used to punching or screw tightening towards four position and it moves X,Y and Z axis.

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My answer refers to getting job as SOLIDWORKS designer, not working at SOLIDWORKS company.
One way is to post here some outstanding SOLIDWORKS design and wait for someone to notice it. There are people/companies here who are not active as members, but are following people's projects. That worked for some people on this website.
Other way is to search who is hiring at the moment in your country and in other countries SOLIDWORKS designers. As CV you can add your outstanding designs and gain better chances to get the job. You shouldn't search job as specifically designing, but search for big companies for which you know that they must have 3D models of their products. For example VESTAS or SIEMENS for wind turbines, Bosch for a lot of other components (pumps, hydraulic cylinders etc.), SKF for bearings, automobile industries etc., there are a lot corporations which are looking for engineers at any time, it only depends on your capabilities and knowledge to qualify, you need to prove that you are better qualified than others, which is not an easy task. It would be better if you know other CAD programs as well, because you don't know which of those programs some company uses, it would for sure increase your chance in getting the job.
Those are the options that I am aware of, for now.
And these are just my opinion.

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You obviously have the skills to create decent manufacturing jigs, just be flexible enough to use any software the company might possess.

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Do you use at all? That would be a good site to setup a profile with all of your educational and work experience. You could also post a link to your portfolio of work you post on here. It is what I have done and I think it will greatly help you. Best of luck in the search.

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