Solidworks serial number

who can give a valid serial number for solidworks ?
i need it urgently thank you

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1 Answer

Youtube has a number of videos which supposedly show how to install solidworks (and many other programs?). As I've installed solidworks often enough to not desire reliving the experience online, I've never watched one.

I think even if you had a valid serial number for SolidWorks and its other modules, that you may not get very far due to the license checks and activation procedure.

It may be best to install the software in "demo" mode. I think it will run for 30 days before it requires activation.

Another option would be a student version. It has some limitations, but it is a great way to learn the software.

A third options is checking ebay. I doubt they are legitimate software seats, but often for the cost of the computer, it will be listed as having SolidWorks already installed.

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