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Solidworks simulation or Ansys

Question by Anoop Peshkar

Which is better for industrial machinery, machine tool analysis

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Answered on 23 Jan, 2013 04:47 AM

Good morning,

I observe that the answer posted above don´t answer to your punctual answer. So, from my point of view must be important what type of study do you want to do? If only kinematic, than SolidWorks can represent an very good option if you will used their specific module (I see some simulations) and you know to work good with that software. If you are interested to more detail and precision on results and the option offered by other software (stress, strain, deformations, etc...) than exist more specialized software such as ANSYS, ABAQUS, and don´t forget ADAMS from MSC (from my point of view representing the no.1 in domain of dynamic-kynematic and works very well with many other software such as ANSYS, ABAQUS, etc).

In fact, first of all made a study in software that you know better. Second, if don´t know any software, than install more software on your desktop, made some tutorials and you will see which software is more better for you. In fact, the hand calculus and test are the best manner in which can be check results obtained after an simulation (don´t matter the domain of study).

Don´t forget that the CAD software have implemented only by couple years adjacent modules (such as for study in domain of fluid, thermal, structural, dynamic-kinematic). This adjacent modules cannot be compared as results and precision and other options offered (such as HPC) with specialized softwares which have traditions (see ANSYS, ABAQUS, MSC, LS-Dyna) etc.

I hope my opinion will be useful for you.

Best regards.

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Alireza SKH
Answered on 7 Dec, 2011 11:03 AM

ofcourse Ansys is better but i use Abaqus taht is also better than Ansys

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Tobias Mattsson
Answered on 7 Dec, 2011 12:26 PM

Abaqus is my advice also.

Abaqus might be harder to learn then Ansys Though. But its alot more powerful in elementcontrol and such.

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Sudhir Gill
Answered on 7 Dec, 2011 12:34 PM

Ansys Workbench... also Mechanical APDL

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Eric Weber
Answered on 9 Feb, 2012 05:32 AM

Define better...Ansys is more capable but Solidworks Simulation is much easier to learn, and less expensive. If you are just beginning to get into simulation I would vote for Solidworks Simulation because I think you will be less frustrated starting out.

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Answered on 19 Aug, 2014 07:05 AM

Hi Anoop,

I would suggest any CAE package which has a strong CAD background.
Simulation without CAD modifications is dead-end and hence flexibility in making any changes in CAD and solving CAE are possible friendly by giants like SOLIDWORKS, AUTODESK....
Now, I would suggest SolidWorks if simulation is on MFG-Manufacturing sector with its strong COSMOS background.
Whereas, if simulation is on AEC-Building design, then Autodesk Simulation solution is better with its CFDesign base/ ALGOR background.

As always, download trial and simulate the FEA/CFD codes for self.

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Answered on 9 Apr, 2015 02:49 AM