solution for electric telescoping mechanism

hello i want a solution to use for a small electric telescoping system to make squar tubes move up and down using an electric motor ,please help me with a mechanic solution to make the first squar tube up then the 2nd tube ....

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zu 1 : telescopically, but not exactly led !
zu 2 : many drillings for the height detent.
The crosscut and the material structure are weakened considerably !
zu 3 : The pipe seems to be very thin-walled. I think max. 1 - 1.5 Millimeters.
Low stability and twist strength !
zu 4 : The surface is apparently galvanized.
It is damaged by edge friction while shifting under load !
Note : The load-relevant material data of the pipe are not well-known !
Result :
The pipe is not applicable for supporting or lifting tasks !
It is conditionally suitable as a distance holder without load !
Maybe, take a look on my new Design!

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