Hi ,
i am attempting my first household utensil.. A spoon.. having a devil of a time.. if anyone willing to get me started give me a nudge..


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Hi. it's not easy to make a spoon in inventor, but it's possible using surface mode. or you can use fusion. it's really easy to work.

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Have a look at the attached. Its not to any specific size, just a model to illustrate a possible method of creating the spoon.

It is drawn by revolving a surface with a similar profile to an egg. Using a plane a section is trimmed off to represent the bowl of the spoon.

The handle is drawn as a loft. A guide curve is drawn which represents the arc of the handle. At the bowl end, a curve is drawn using the trimmed edge of the bowl, at the other I just drew a straight line. Use a loft to generate the sweep of the handle.

Stitch the surfaces, thicken, radii etc

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