Standard size lumber?

If I were to design a piece of furniture on SolidWorks using standard size lumber, is there a way to generate a bill of materials that will show the optimal lengths to cut the pieces from to minimize waste?

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You could draw the item as a 'multi bodied part' . If you make custom weldment profiles of your wood and utilise these, you can generate a 'cut list' that will give you lengths.

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Due to the nature of wood you would probably have to add 10 or 15 percent to your cut-list to allow for defects. Just a thought...

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This cut list, will it tell what sizes to buy from the lumber stoor and what parts to cut from each piece?

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Stephen, with SolidWorks you would create the parts individually and label them accordingly. (Part 1, Leg, 2X4, 87.000" Length, ect...) You would then generate an assembly and insert those parts. Once they are all inserted, SolidWorks is able to automatically generate a BOM within a drawing. It will auto number components and output the information you input. The possibilities are endless. As for maximizing material, it will not do that. Because of the variables, (some boards are 8' long, some 10' long, etc...) you can only do that from the finished end. You need to model some furnature and when complete, work backward in calculating lengths and where to cut them to save material. A 2" adjustment in furnature width could save a board or two. Hope this helps man.

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