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Hi guys,

I`m usually generating report using Solidwork for simple structure to keep the data. But lately i try to review Staad and Autodesk Robot Software for large structure. This 2 software is complicated but when i try to compare the Analysis Report, Staad and Autodesk gives more information than Solidwork. Learning videos at youtube also shows that there are many data need to be entered before analysis while Solidwork does not.
Thus, i need a good opinion of which Structure Analysis Report of which software that gives better and reliable data for like example steel truss system.

Thank you in advanced

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What is the structural analysis based on? Did you actually run a finite element simulation? Why don't you write the report yourself? If you compare the analysis report you only can compare them against layout not content. You must know if the report content makes sense or not, especially when you do structural analysis based on FEA

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