Surface modelling with Animation.

I have my surface model of this shell, I am trying to use the sweep function on the full shell so that I have an extrude cut so that the shell looks as if it is no longer on the screen. I need to do this so that I can them export the parameter of the sweep function into my favourites within IV studio so I can animate the shell disappearing over time to revel all the internals. With solid modelling this is not a problem but I seem to be facing difficulty here and I think it might be down to it being a surface model? If anyone can help of suggest any ideas that I could try I would be very grateful... Thanx in advance for any help with this matter. :)

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Cool presentation idea. I'll bet it turns out awesome.

My first instinct was to switch to solid model. The real body will have a thickness, so if you used the intended thickness with a polycarbonate material, you would have it modeled to reality anyway.

From my experience surface modeling seems to be one of Inventors weaker aspects, or at least it lesser known.

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