Tolling Split error "Cannot knit sheets together"

Hi guys,

I'm using SolidWorks 2017.
I'm trying to make a mold tool for this part, and I have made the split surface with ruled surfaces and plane surfaces and knitted them together. I tried to fill the through holes with shut-off-surfaces, but it wont make a core and a cavity. The tooling split says "Cannot knit sheets together".

Can anyone help?


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1 Answer

Make sure there is no error in geometry first,

then do the following

1.make a duplicate of the parting surface

2. move one parting surface to the Core Surface Bodies folder. Knit all surfaces together. If any gaps are shown, lower the tolerance and knit.

3. do the same on the Cavity Surface Bodies folder.

4. Now go for Tooling Split command. the Parting Surface input box will remain empty.

may this will help, if not it might be geometry error

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