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Hi guys,
This is more to a mechanical question than related to CAD software but I Still think Grabcad is the right place to ask.
Lets suppose I have a bridge platform that supports a tool that weights 500 kg (or lbs). What would be the torque required to move it upwards, considering that the crank moves at 20 cycles per minute?
The crank is geared to shaft which is supporting the platform through two equal rods.
Thank you in advance.

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I don't know if this will help you or not, but through my miniscule amount of physics knowledge (a class I'm currently taking, actually :) ), I think that the torque equation would prove helpful. If you use Tau (torque) = force x lever arm (distance from the pivot point), you could perhaps change the equation to Tau = 10 * mass (in kg) * lever arm (using F=mg, g being acceleration due to gravity). There are also variations on this formula to include omega, or angular velocity which might help you more, I'm sure you could find them online. With that, you could turn 20 cycles per minute into rads/second using the knowledge that one cycle, or revolution is 2pi radians. Hope I helped at least a little bit :)


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