Transform .scad files to .step files or any other format that is useful for SW 2016

Hello, I've come upon a really nice robotic arm project and would like to edit it a little bit, the problem is that all the files are either in .scad format (SolidWorks can't read that) or .stl format (and you know how bad it is to import this into SW).

I read this tutorial here ( teaching how to transform the formats, but wasn't able to do it because my FreeCAD will not open the .scad files no matter what I do.

The .scad files are in this link:

I'd be really glad if someone could transform this files for me, or teach me a better way (that works) to do it.

Thank you in advance.

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You can use FreeCAD to convert your STLs into STEPs quite easily. I have not worked with .scad files. I have no idea about it. I have attached the STEP files from your STLs. Check if this is what you want.

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STL files converted into step files will not be very good files. They will retain the triangulation of the original file format (stl in this case).

Editing step files is not possible, At least in the sense of having a feature tree with sketches and dimensions in solidworks.

step files will import as "dumb solids". You can "Change" the file by adding new features, but you can't edit the file as if it were a native solidworks file.
Depending on the complexity, you might try Feature Recognition to try and rebuild a feature tree, but the results are often not great... But, maybe better than nothing?

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I am answering to your comment as I want to attach a file.

1. Yes I did the example of the gripper. I place all STLs next to each other and merged them.

2. Check the attachment for STL to STEP conversion in FreeCAD.

3. Working with STEPs from STL is a one hell of a task! Almost impossible on certain models. You models see fairly simple. I would suggest re-modelling them again. It will useful for further use too. If not, if you think this is time consuming. The only way to edit is a work around. The problem is that STEP files from STLs are made of so many triangles/polygons that after a point it is no use trying to edit it.

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@fredswag ans is best. last time i used the above concept only.but mine was basic part.

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