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Hi I am a begineer to SW and I have a cylinder here. The cylinder's body is a solid Extrude with Thin Feature of 3mm. Then I made a pipe coming into the cylinder's body. This pipe is supposed to be tangent to the cylinder.

The problem is, I cant trim or remove the face of the cylinder that is blocking my pipe inlet. I tried extrude-surface on the inlet pipe, then trim surface, but it didnt work. I also tried boss extrude on the inlet pipe, then Delete face on both ends, and also that doesn't work. Is there anyway to delete the face (the dark part inside the highlighted pipe) to show that the pipe actually goes into the cylinder?

Attached here is a screenshot of my problem. Thank you

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2 Answers

I think you need to use an 'Extruded Cut'. Draw a sketch on the end of the small pipe. Circle equal to the ID of the small pipe, Extruded cut into the large pipe.

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You might try use the offset tool on the inner rim of the small tube or if your new to offset use a 3d sketch tool to draw a circle along the inner rim . Then use extrude cut with the plane being the rim of the small tube. This should not only solve the current problem but if you add or change anything it should prevent any thing from blocking the pipe.

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