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Tutorial: Basic springs Motion

By Victor Bonavarte 6779 on 26 Aug 07:04 4 answers 2 comments

Some engineers make regular animation springs to make some parts, and go to the "make-assembly commands from part". here I will give you some tips and tricks to create animations springs without going into assembly (Basic Springs Motion)

4 answers

  • cockroach
    cockroach over 3 years ago

    ko ga pake helix bang viktor

  • Matthew Bryant
    Matthew Bryant about 4 years ago

    The problem with this method is that you are actually regenerating the part every time you drag and change the length. This doesn't actually "animate" the spring, only allows you to view it at different lengths. If you put this into an assembly, which is where most engineers wish to animate springs as part of a larger assembly, this would not regenerate correctly.

    You might be able to create this spring in-context of an assembly, but I'm not sure about the model regenerating upon changes to the mates, or if the assembly is semi-constrained and allows you to drag components.

    Have you tried this in the context of an assembly?

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