Tutorial how to change perspective scale in SW

you can make impressive renders with lower perspective scale:))

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please click on ''it worked'' if you found this tutorial useful:))

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/tutorial-how-to-change-perspective-scale-in-sw

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Thanks for the walk through.
Robert I say the opposite. I think using real view makes you look like a novice. What's the purpose of real view anyways?

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You must be novice with SW :)
If you turn "on" the "Real View" option, it gives you photorealistic appearance while you work on the model :)
Here are two examples, one is with perspective view, one with a camera view. With a good choice of camera setting (you can adjust it to your liking or have several cameras with different settings, you can get fabulous results in the native working environment - these are just cheap and dirty examples made within a minute ;)

BTW, I did not make renders, these are just screenshots

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You can play to infinity... Add a scene, move the camera, view, image capture -screen capture, open an image editor app, copy/add from clipboard, resize/crop and Voila!


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