Tutorial - How to drive a Solid Edge model from Excel

Did you know know you can use Excel to drive Solid Edge variables? You can link any Solid Edge file to an Excel file by using Copy & Paste Link.

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I was hopeful when I saw the title it would show how to write a VBA script to control the motion of a "motor" instead of using the rudimentary built in controls. Interesting information anyways, thanks for posting.

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Thank you for the tutorial.

I'm trying to do a similar part, but I got a problem whit the pattern. Every other dimensions can drive by excel, but the circulus pattern's pitch circle isn't want to change.

What is the problem? Please, could you help me with this?


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Hi friends,
Thank you for your above tutorial.
Kindly help to me to drive Solid edge configuration and solid edge Assembly members with excel.
I am new to solid edge, now i know how to link only the dimensions to excel.

Thank you.

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