Tutorial how to make engine part 9

How to make engine - part 9 -


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On the top half of the connecting rod, you use a 4mm revolved cut and on this one your using a 2.14mm revolved cut. I have adjusted the bottom half of my connecting rod to a 4mm revolved cut.

Is there any reasoning behind the difference in oil path sizes from the top portion of the connecting rod to the bottom portion of the connecting rod?

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In step 2, why not use a mid plane as your end condition? This would only give you one dimension to edit if there are any changes to the length of the pin...

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in the first part of the connecting rod, we made 4mm revolved cut and on this one a 2.14mm revolved cut.
what is the difference?

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in step 1 dimensions are 22mm &16mm but step 2 are 22mm & 17 mm which one is correct ?

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Why are you using fillet instead of chamfer? Think about that, how are you going to fabricate those fillers? It will be very difficult. And what about chamfer on the outside edges of the pin? It will be very difficult to install into a piston with out chamfer.

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