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Tutorial: How to make Wire in solid work 2013 ?

By Mahyar Kermani on 04 May 02:33 5 answers 1 comment

wire is a very important in design so i help you to design

5 answers

  • mohammad
    mohammad over 4 years ago

    bad tozih dadi ziyad khoob nis engar bare khodet faghat tozih dadi

  • hanieh
    hanieh over 4 years ago

    wonderful !but how can add electical solid?

  • Abbas Farshi
    Abbas Farshi over 3 years ago

    Salam Mahyare Aziz,
    hamitoor ke mohammad neweshte, kheili kolli neweshti, chand ta joziate mohem kame.
    Bahinhal dasted dard nakone, tunestam estefade konam

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