Tutorial: How to model parametric 3D text in PTC Creo Parametric and show design intent

Do you need change the 3D text on your model very offten?
Do you need the change quick and easy?

Here is the short tutorial for you.

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@bj, my answer is yes - it is possible delegate parameter information from one file to another. If you need to set information from layout file >>> create parameter in Layout (*.lay) and then open assembly/part > File>Declare>Declare Lay >> select your layout

System automatically will add parameters from your Layout file


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Do you know if its possible this parameter comes from another file, Eg. Lay-out file? I've created a top-down cylinder assembly with a lay-out file which contains all dimensions including serial number. I would like this number placed on the cylinder barrel, I cant see the lay-out parameters when using your method.

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