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Tutorial: How to model self intersecting Möbius strip

By frei on 15 Jul 17:12 14 answers 4 comments

My version of Möbius chain strip
Möbius chain bracelet v2

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14 answers

  • G15
    G15 over 4 years ago


  • bj
    bj about 4 years ago


  • Arian Shamil
    Arian Shamil almost 4 years ago

    Very nice tutorial! I'll try it soon! Thanks a lot to share it! :)

  • Raph MORIN
    Raph MORIN over 3 years ago

    Good tut, it made me practice a bit surfaces where I'm not really trained.

  • TeySteer
    TeySteer over 3 years ago

    good tutorial, BUT you could specify for the beginners (with surfaces), that when extruding the second surface on the second half circle, you may NOT project the line, but construct a new one and dimension it, otherwise you will get just errors or a reference dimension that couldn-t help you finishing the formula or making the Sweep.

  • Leandro
    Leandro over 3 years ago

    Não consegui...
    não entendi o modo que você chegou na seleção da curva e no (Tools-> Dimensions command) estou usando Creo 2.0.
    Você poderia disponibilizar o modelo 3D nativo para os iniciantes verificar.

  • Raph MORIN
    Raph MORIN over 3 years ago

    I don't speak spanish. Do you mean you want the creo 2 file ?

  • yogaraj
    yogaraj about 3 years ago

    Hi, I have tried this, but I am not able get step 12 & 13.
    When I rotate using Z axis by 180deg, it's not mating with the existing surface.

  • Emma McNally
    Emma McNally about 3 years ago

    So i'm stuck on 2 and 3, i don't understand by what you mean to change the trajectory to half circle. Also on 3 how do you change the dimensions command I've never done that before. When i try to look it up nothing is helping to explain what to do.

  • Emma McNally
    Emma McNally about 3 years ago

    ok i figured those two parts out how do u do step 7

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