Tutorial: Unigraphics NX mold design : Section 1 Introduction

NX Mold Design software delivers a state-of-the-art solution that enables
mold manufacturers to shrink their lead times and tighten their cost controls.
By combining industry knowledge and best practices with process automa-
tion, NX Mold Design streamlines the entire mold development process:
from part design to tool assembly layout, tool design and tool validation.
NX Mold Design excels at even the most challenging mold designs, providing
advanced functionality, step-by-step guidance and associativity with part
designs to ensure fast response to design changes and quality mold

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NX Mach 3 Mold Design product content

• Mold design
• Shrinkage
• Parting line and surfaces
• Shut-off surfaces
• Core/cavity and region split
• Cooling
• Merge cavities
• Runners and gates
• Sub inserts and hole charting
• Sliders/lifters
• Template configuration – re-use
• Ejection
• Concept design
• Automated drawing creation and hole charting
• GD&T, 3D annotation, BOM, hole table, wire EDM start hole
• Design change control

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Standard catalog offerings

• Mold bases supported in English and metric units: DME, Futaba, HASCO, LKM, Meusburger, Omni, PCS, Progressive, Rabourdin, Strack, Superior, Universal
• Standard parts and molding systems supported in English and metric units (injection, ejection, cooling, sliders/ lifters, guides, locks, dowels, screws,
springs, pillars): DME, Futaba, HASCO, National, Meusburger, Omni,
Progressive, Rabourdin, Strack, Yates
• Die base management
• Standard part management

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• Molded part validation
• Product validation
• Tool validation clearance check
• Parting check

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