Tutorial: Using Sketch Picture

This short tutorial will introduce you to the handy sketch picture tool. I have found this tool very useful for using blueprints to create curves and surfaces for models like cars, planes, motorcycles, and other complex profiles that normal extrudes and cutting tools wont create. This tutorial will us my Audi R8 project as an example. I acquired the blueprints through a google search for "free car blueprints". There are over a dozen sites that supply free blueprints for hundreds of makes and models. I used microsoft paint to cut and paste each view into a new jpeg file in preparation for them to be imported into a part sketch.

In short, I will show you how to paste a .jpg picture file into a part sketch.

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Is there a way to change the size of the picture to specific sizes. Or do you just have to use ratios and adjust the part after you make it?

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