unable to use isolate command for the following attached catia part file

isolate command

6 Answers

we should use but u have done one mistake while doing the tooth of the gear was open profile and please use sketch analysis after doing the sketch.generally rerouted errors will come for isolated element due to the geometric and dimensional set was not reflected to the original one

isolate command for what.. can you explain clearly

i guess you want to do multisection solid.
multisection solid is not working right?

problem for that is.. you sketch have several open dude, please close that

Please go through your model.. i hope this you are expecting?

isolate is used to deactivate the logical link betwwn originnal and projected one.yes we always isolate the projected because if any changes in the original that effects the projected element

1.You need to do iso-constraint a profile u Created...
2.Then make 3d projection...
3.Now u see the projected line highlighted in yellow...
4.Then finallay isolate it.