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What about a spell check in the Q&A's section when someone is asking a question, Also have the option to spell check it before they put there question on main screen and even a translator. This could also be implemented through out GrabCAD to make it a more universal web site for people that do not know English.

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Hello William!
This is a really great idea of the GrabCAD Team and another good step for even more quality. I don't know how about the technical realisation.

Best regards

Maybe you even have an idea for the damn " Auto correct Option " of my iPad.

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Good idea William. I usually copy and paste in and out of Word to spell check and Google Translate to translate but it get's tedious.

Also I've noticed that if a model has an non-English title and you search for it with the English title, the search facility doesn't find it. This could be a significant issue if many very good models end up being lost in the system.

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I'm a native English speeker and I can't spell! Also I am often on here on my phone ot iPad and they like to change words on you. I would also like to be able to edit comments, you can delete but not edit. I will catch an error and want to chane it so as to not look like an idiot but can't.

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