Uploading someone else model.

Is there a way to upload a STEP file or other kin of file that you have converted from someone else model so that the converted file does not go in to your profile?

As going in to your profile and changing it to private does not work :(

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I agree with you William, if someone does simply convert a file to another format then the original creator should ge the downloads. So untill GRABCAD either removes or alters this function, and people want another format of a particular model that the original creator may not be able to convert themselves, then maybe they should be e-mailed and asked if they would like the opertunity to get the file sent to them so they can post it ?

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I know Grabcad made the new rule of not uploading other people's files "found on the web", and many files have been deleted because of this rule. Does this rule still stand, or are we still allowed to upload files which are not our originals?

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In the comment section you can upload a new version of somebody elses model but I'm not sure if it goes to your profile also or not

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Deleting the file from your profile does not work as it only deletes the STEP file from the profile you uploaded it to also.

Making the file you uploaded in your profile private only makes it private in the profile you uploaded it to also.

Any one got any other suggestions on how to go about this...???
as it has been noticed you also get the downloads counting on your profile for the hard work of someone else model.

I think no matter what or who uploads another file to the original then the original creator should get the downloads for it.....

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until it is unbelievable sometimes that can create so many models in such a short time and with such advancement...

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