Using A Limit Mate to Prevent Collision in SolidWorks?

Imagine a slot and a pin:
.... _____________
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I am trying to use a limit mate to make the slot stop at the side of the pin but it is not working as intended. Before mating I selected the cylindrical face of each feature then specified limits. It does not stop at the pin but moves in both directions. Is this a limitation of the limit mate type or am I misunderstanding the functionality?

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Ok to make it move and be limited in that one direction, you need to make a plane at the center of one ends slot diameter (green plane in picture) at the part document level. Then go back to the assembly and select that plane and click mate, select the parallel plane in the center of the pin, then click your limit dimension mate, the minimal distance will be set at zero, and the max will be the amount of travel (length of slot center to center.) Hope that helps.

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I would do this by using planes, unless you need the slotted part to rotate and slide. I've upload an assembly for reference. Pin/Slot Limit mate

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Alright, so I created a plane at the center of the pin hole then mated it with the edge of the radius on the slot and it works really well. Now I can get back to the gears. Thanks so much!

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