V8 animation

I need some math help with an animation im trying to do. Basically I have this model of a V8 32 valve engine. The question I have is how do I figure out mathematically the correct animation of the engine from firing sequence of the pistons to all the 4 stages of the engine. I managed to successfully animate in 3d max but animation is way off. How do I calculate the correct firing sequence rotation of the crankshaft with the rotation of the cam shaft the cam positions for each valve and whatever else I need

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If you designed the camshaft, the rockers and the valves to correct dimensions it should really just be a case of adjusting the cam belt position. Try positioning first piston at top dead centre and rotate the camshaft so it's just about to push the intake valve rocker for that piston, do the same for the other side of the engine and then place the cam belt on the gears, the timing should now be alright. You don't really need to be worried about the maths, a bit of trial and error should fix it.

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