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We will make a object that connects to a hose . We have a problem : if we rotate that object, it knots. Can you offer us to what we can do for hose to be unbound from object .

Iam so sorry for my bad english mistake.
Thank you .

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can u upload a pic or simulation, like that everyone will understand even with bad english

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The modern world of engineering continues to surprise me. Engineering professionals needing a computer generated simulation to work out such a simple problem, adequately laid out in attached sketch. Without a swivel fitting of set up shown in sketch, hose will become twisted, this is not that hard to see from this sketch. To solve problem purchasing an off the shelf part from a manufacturer of pneumatic fittings the most sensible solution, though if cost does not matter you could design and build your own swivel fitting if you so desire. If even the simplest of problems requires a computer generated simulation to give us any hope of solving it, humanity is doomed. All those clever machines and structures built by human civilizations need computer simulations ?. Did aliens come down to earth, and we borrow their computers to come up with all this past technology ?. I do not think so. Computers are a tool, just like a spanner, screwdriver, hammer along with many other items used by engineers. Before any tool is useful, thinking, using our brain is where we start.

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