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I'm having problems with the weld designer in CATIA (V5). There are a few different welds that I'm having problems with. Any help with any one of them would be great!

So firstly, welding the mitre joint of box section: I've attached a picture of the weld below. Surely this should be a pretty standard weld but I can' find any help on how to create it. I've tried a V butt weld but for some reason CATIA considers my geometry "not fit for this weld".

Secondly, Joining a flat section of to a box section, where the flat section is bigger than the outer profile of the box section. Again I've added a picture, again this should be pretty standard. I can manage to get a fillet weld along the section where the profiles are at 90degrees to each other (marked with the red line in my picture) but then at the back of the flat section where it meets the curved edge of the box section, there doesn't seem to be any suitable weld to use. I'm totally lost when it comes to what to do for the section in between!

And last but not least, I can't figure out how to join a plate to the bottom of a box section where they have a concurrent edge. I've tried this with a single V-Butt weld but as you can see from the picture, in order to create the V on the flat section, you have to really destroy the flat plate. I then decided to do it with a single bevel butt weld, but I'm having the same problem as in my second problem - namely, what do do at the corner. (This is indicated in the picture with an orange arrow)

So again, I'd really appreciate any help on any one of these problems. By the way, if you're also having trouble with weld design in CATIA, I strongly recommend taking a look at this video.

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I've tried youtube but there are not many videos on welding (apart from the one I mentioned) if you have any that could help, please send me the link

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Search in youtube i have seen similar video.

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