Weldments features

Does anyone like the weldment features so much that you use them for many non-weldment parts. I'm working at a place where they'll use the weldment tools like to like cylinderical shafts etc. because of the ease of the shapes and features etc. I find it a little unique, but was wondering if others
are finding the convinence so appealing that your doing the same.

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too much welds leaves thermal stresses and stress concentration effects.

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Yeah I create custom rectangular profiles, especially for adding tabs to a chassis, for suspension mounts. If you're making tabs by any 2d cutting method such as waterjetting, the trim/extend feature is a lot faster than any other method.

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Imagine making modern ship without welding, making cars without welding, erecting structural constructions without welding,making IPHONE without welding, making computers without welding ...

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