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i want to use the application of welding.i want to make a presentation about the different type of weldings such as V,U,Y etc.
Show i model some parts and i i remove from the some material,lets say in shape of V
to use the V welding.i select welding material and process and from chain to chain option i select the two upper edges of V.the problem is that the weldind cover only the surface and the rest of V is empty.What did i do wrong.does anyone knows any good tutorial for welding in pro engineer....?
i am a rookie so show some understanding

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Hello my friend,

You don't do anything wrong. This is how V welds are presented in pro-e model.
Just try to create a drawing of your model and you will see that the welding
symbol is going to be correct.
Although the are many options of how the welding material is shown in drawings(only as symbols etc.). Try to "play" with the options.
This is my answer as far as i know of my experience

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