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What are rules to be respected for a printable 3D model?

By Thierry on 18 May 13:54 1 answer 0 comments

Description of the functioning of a 3D printer and correct practices in designing for 3D printing.

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  • fcfad633
    fcfad633 over 4 years ago

    Check there is a good comparison and information about various 3D printing technologies. I have handled a project myself and trying out FDM technology. Using ABS normal white material to print the enclosure parts. Quick rules ,is never keep embosses or logos on the 3D printing part thickness and height to be greater than 0.5mm, if less than that support material will get stuck inbetween letters. wall thickness to be greater than .5mm. I kept some bosses of wall thickness less than .5mm it was not printed.


    Design_for_Manufacturability_for_FDM.docx, 13.2 KB

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