What does these welding symbols means?

In these two pictures. One doubt about LS & CS joint and another one is the triangular symbol. Please tell me what is exactly means.

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I believe the double triangle is a surface finish allowance. N7 - N8 equivalent

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the red, circled symbol looks like a surface finish to me

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The triangle with the "2" in it looks like a flag note to me, look for a note somewhere with the same symbol, often on sheet 1 .

The little single and double triangles looks non-standard, or of a standard I'm unfamiliar with, so if I'm guessing, it's a shop callout for datums or secondaried surfaces or something.

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they are talking about the roughness or the surface texture with these symbols.

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As Luke Seal said; the double triangle symbol indicates a surface finish around 63 - 125 (N7 - N8)

Here's a little chart I found: http://www.lucefin.com/wp-content/files_mf/roughness.pdf

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