What is Design Intent?

Describe about design intent and how to design a part or component with perfect intent for future reusability.

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Talking about individual parts:
Design intent is how your model behaves when dimensions are modified.

An example of design intent is how you create and dimension a hole in a block. The hole can be a certain distance from a corner or edge, or it can be in the middle of the face, for example. If the size of the block or the hole changes, the part rebuilds correctly if the design intent has been considered in the definition.

SolidWorks captures the intent of a design, including relations, parameters, and model behavior. You can draw lines approximately, and later dimension them exactly. You can also change the sketch and feature dimensions at any time and rebuild the part.

Talking about finished products:
Design intent would be the ability to continually improve the product or services performed by the product, without needing to change any major components. Most people refer to design intent in a "continuous improvement" type of mindset.

Could go further into detail, if you have any specifics you need. The original question is somewhat open-ended.

Hope it helps!

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