What is the best way to remove hard edges in tangential surfaces in catia v5???

How to remove hard edges without changing the skin orientation??? (in any automotive interior or exterior part skin)
Which are the best ways to implement?? (like multi section surface / fill / extrapolate & trim or something else..)
Which is more advisable way to resolve this issue for better results???
What is order in which we should go about in removing these hard edges??( like first try extrapolate & trim, if not getting try multi section, if not something else)

In anticipation of a response from senior automotive designers.
Thanks in advance.

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HI, It is very common problem when working with automotive parts,
Best thing you can do is go and check the histroy and try to see if you can make some changes and resolve the problem.

- If not best thing is to create a patch surface using Multi section surface.
I recommend thisbesauce fill and blends sometimes give problems during the offsets.

For getting best results do not create lines but use splines with surface support.

Hope it answers your query.


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