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What is wrong in the SW Simulation settings?

By Arnold Palko on 29 Jul 11:58 3 answers 0 comments

200 Celsius and 50 bar (5 MPa) pressure. The material is 316L. According to the 2014 SolidWorks static simulation (even 2015 SW) the 4 mm wall thickness is not enough. That is not correct. According to the classic calculation is enough. The simulation setting was Large displacement, but other settings had the same result. I am helpless what did i wrong that i can't get result in harmony with the calculation. Do you have any idea?

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3 answers

  • Arnold Palko
    Arnold Palko about 2 years ago

    Maybe the *.pdf is more readable than the pictures.


    SW2014 Static simulation question.pdf, 376 KB
  • Arnold Palko
    Arnold Palko about 2 years ago

    I changed it 0.5 mm size, and 8 is the number of elements in a circle. Abit better the result but beyond the yield strength.

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