What tools do you use?

Omitting software and computer system, what tools do you use during the design process?

A tool is anything you have at your disposal, could be physical or a philosophy you subscribe to, such as "Don't Make Assumptions."

Example: Vernier calipers, 8.5x11 printer paper, hands, shigley's book

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I always keep digital calipers and a decimal/fraction/drill chart in my bag with my laptop. Whenever I go somewhere to check out a new project the customer never seems to know the dimensions of what they are working on. I also have access to a 4' FARO Arm for reverse engineering along with any other piece of machinery I might need for prototyping. :)

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Tools I use
Tape measure for linear distances 16'
50' Flat tape for measuring circumferences
Torpedo Level
Laser plumb/level
Digital camera
Noise meter
Digital calipers
4' straight edge
Angle guage
Calculator digital
Laptop w Solidworks

Verify dimensions on site if possible and check against CAD

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