Where can i find 2D engineering drawings for practice?

Mechanical assembly or critical part drawings.

2 Answers

Hey Senit,
As Jonathon has highlighted you can find a platitude of usable technical drawings to work from just with a quick google search, although I think the better method would be to grab a vernier caliper and a rule and pick something to model such as a bicycle or child's toy. This will allow you to practice modelling individual parts before compiling them into an Assembly. Once complete you can produce your own technical drawings rather than having one produced from someone else. i have attached a very useful tutorial on drawing a bike from scratch on solidworks, which you can use as a guideline: https://youtu.be/tj5Wo1Z9r20
whatever you decide to design, try to pick something that you think will be challenging for your skill set, this will lead you to trying new methods and using tools that you may not of known where available within solidworks. Good luck :)


This is lighthouse construction drawing submittals.