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Where is the upload Rendering button?

By Marco Aurelio on 07 Dec 09:50 3 answers 3 comments

I am looking to upload my first renders, but can't find the upload render button on the renderings tab.
The image I attached shows no upload renderings.

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3 answers

  • Patrick Martinez
    Patrick Martinez 11 months ago

    Just to make sure before answering your question. Are you trying to upload renders for your model? or for another user?

    The rendering tab on your attached image is for rendering made for models that are made by other users. If you wish to verify look at my profile and go to rendering tab and you will see several renders I've made for other users.

  • Mechatronics Art
    Mechatronics Art 8 months ago

    You cannot upload renders of other people's CAD Model anymore as GrabCAD removed that option. You can now only share your renders in the comment section of other people sections.

  • Mike Centola
    Mike Centola 10 months ago

    To upload renders for other people's model, use the add file link where you add a comment :)

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