Why are my models not viewable...

I have developed my own software to model my mechanisms cams etc.. I can show models with videos etc. I cannot upload original files as they are useless to anyone without my software.
So, to be an active member of GrabCAD I need to use some of the standard CAD - such as SolidWorks.
This is a bit a narrow-minded is it not? Is there a way to view my models - or to make them viewable.

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SolidWorks is not required to post CAD data on GrabCAD, it is simply the most popular CAD system right now.
looking at the main Questions page, it lists dozens of programs which can be used as filters to narrow down the questions shown. Users of all those programs (and others) post and download files on GrabCAD. I'll list them below.

Since a user needs your special software to use/view the file you upload, It might be best to upload your data in a neutral format like Step. That way people can download it, and import it to their CAD software of choice.

GrabCAD sometimes does not display some CAD files very well, an easy fix is to also upload an image file of the model, and make sure that image is the main image for the gallery.

How would GrabCAD interpret the data in your custom software? If I created my own written language, I could not fault others for not being able to read it.

Your site (https://www.psmotion.com/) shows a number of interesting animations. Those can be uploaded to GrabCAD, and they will animate exactly as you have them.

Check out the projects page for trinityscsp. Nearly everything he posts is animated: https://grabcad.com/trinityscsp/projects
Actually, he even has an animated man pushing a box as well! Man Pushing

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Thank you very much for your considered reply - it is most useful.
But just to be clear, please find attached an image that appears when I view my own uploads within my own GrabCad environment.
Reading this it seems that others cannot see them - but I am not sure.
Unfortunately, my software cannot, yet, save parts as native STEP or STL files - it can import them if they are already available as SolidWorks, or STL Files,
I need to recreate the parts and assembly in SolidWorks[or other CAD] so that I can upload them as step files. However, in this case, any model that does not have an input that is a constant velocity crank will not move as I intend it to do so with a designed motion. Thus to animate with special motions, it seems that videos are the only way? Perhaps i can upload the motion file as raw data...
I have some models that have CV cranks. I will recreate these in SolidWorks and upload them.
As for PSMotion, we need to work at exporting our solid models as Step or STL files i think.
Thank you again for your reply....

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Yes, the error message you posted from GrabCAD is likely a generic error message due to the system not detecting what it considers "CAD Data".

No doubt, part of that reason is to help reject fake postings, but it will also happen to legitimate CAD systems which it does not recognize.

Posting images and videos is a fine way to share your data, and market the use of your software. Many postings on this site sadly contain only photos, and no CAD data. They are nice too look at, but impossible to learn from as there is no data to inspect.

It may be possible to work with GrabCAD to get your files recognized as CAD data. Somebody had to do the same for some of the obscure formats that are posted here.

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Creo 4 models and assemblies are not viewable?

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