Why can't I upload my models.

I can't upload my models.It always says ‘Failed to upload’

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Please try clearing browser cookies and let me know if this doesn't help!

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I get that a lot in the Questions area if I don't reply quickly enough after loading a page.
I always have to refresh the page before trying to post a reply with an attached file.

I'd try:
1. a different browser. I use FireFox and often wonder if IE or Chrome has the same problem.

2. Refreshing the page just before uploading. I've never had trouble uploading models.

3. How large are the files you are uploading?

4. You can always quiz the GrabCAD staff. They have a Group in the new Groups section that seems like a good place to post GrabCAD related ideas and troubles.

5. Make use of a VPN to bypass China's Great Firewall.

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