why is the pattern isn't continuous when using law function?

I am trying to make a flexible pipe design using law function. Please refer the screenshots. But I am not getting complete pattern on the sweep. especially at bends or radius of polyline I am getting plane tube without pattern How do I fix this. what am I doing wrong. Please tell Thanks

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Make the flexible pattern first over a st path and then draw guide path perpendicular to pattern ; then use the swept surface definition option to get the pipe.U can get the pattern even in the bends without gaps.

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Your main sweep radius is 20mm. But in there is some radius values lower than sweep radius in path. so use bigger like 100 or 200. value changes according to your angle between lines.

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Try making the bend radii larger in the center curve. Based on attachment 3.png, the radii are currently 40, 4 and 31. Try making them all 50mm instead.

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Hi, reason could be that your path is split into lines and curves. Pattern do not know how to continue over the joints. Please try Curve Snooth command instead of using polyline.


Use Curvature option in Continuity section. This way you will have one continuous curve without splits. You can choose also how muct the new curve can deviate from initial path. I would define as low value as possible in order to keep the smoothened curve lightweight.

This is a great tool to create clean curves for surface modeling.

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