Work around uploading with IE

Well it's a bit long and a sloppy workaround BUT it dose work

1) Go to the problem page
2) VIEW form menu - select STYLE - then NO STYLE ( the page then appears similar to a long-paged document see attached)
3) Scroll down and you can see the various upload drop downs and option boxes
4) Do the normal Software version etc.
5) Click the upload (now this is where I'm not to sure if the file is uploaded but it dose create an entry in the "My Files")
6) Go to the option under user name select - MY Files this takes you to the files page and a Question mark is there for the last file upload
7) Select that file then select Update or Add Format and carry on as normal. This pages/options show and work as normal form here on.

Good luck and I hope that I have been of aome help to you all

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