GrabCAD Toolbox

GrabCAD Toolbox gives you access to applications that make it even easier to design and share great products. We've partnered with leading engineering software providers to connect their applications to GrabCAD Workbench and Community.

Workbench apps

Publish to GrabCAD apps

  • Autodesk Fusion 360

    Publish your Fusion 360 designs to GrabCAD Workbench to collaborate with your partners.

  • IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite

    Publish directly from any of the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite of products to the public GrabCAD community or to your private Workbench projects.

  • Luxion KeyShot

    With "Publish to GrabCAD" in KeyShot, you can publish renderings and static images to the community or to your private Workbench projects.

  • Siemens Solid Edge

    Publish your Solid Edge files publicly to the community library or privately to your GrabCAD Workbench projects.

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