2/4 turning staircase

2/4 spiral staircase with a central stringer

  1. Step 1: Rating on the site

    For the implementation of a 2/4 turn staircase with central stringer, it will be necessary to take the exact dimensions on the ground. Namely the dimensions in width and height.

  2. Step 2: Definition of central stringer dimensions

    Each span will make 1/3 of the overall stride height.

  3. Step 3: Definition of number of steps per span

    walking height is average 17cm, from there, there is the number of steps on the height.

    The walking depth is on average 28cm.

    The stairs have a straining of 30x75cm for the regular steps.

    For the steps of balances we will make a 75x75cm square assembly that will be cut in the direction of the diagonal

  4. Step 4: Prefabrication and assembly

    The walking supports will be in trihedron with supports on the soul of the central stringer.

    Their position will be that defined by the steps.

    The wooden step assembly and equal-angle bracket will be made with stainless screws.