Make a magnifying glass from old optical devices with 3D printing

  1. Step 1: PURCHASE

    Many of us have a need to use prescription glasses to see the world as it is, but for things that are too small, glasses will not help much.

    But, in shelves or garage may have old cameras or projectors that are defective or no longer support the media format, such as VHS or super 8 video camcorders from the 80s or an even older electro - mechanical slide projector…

    All these devices have high-quality optical glass from large and well-known optics manufacturers, which is of better quality than cheap magnifiers from sale.

  2. Step 2: THINKING

    We can use these old devices to make high-quality magnifying glasses for observing small things and for reviewing the quality of 3D printing!

    Carefully disassemble the optical parts! They can be glued or difficult to disassemble due to long-term non-use! Use quality tools and protect your eyes with goggles!

    With the help of 3D programs and 3D printing, we can make frames for holding optical glass. In the 3D program, we draw the profile of the frame and the lid to hold the magnifying glass.

  3. Step 3: 3D DRAWING

    Don't forget to calculate the measurement tolerances of your assembly on the drawing! Use the "revolve" or similar command, which each 3D program has, we rotate the drawn profile along the Z axis to create objects in space.

  4. Step 4: PRINTING

    The frame and the lid are finished and should be recorded in STL format. Import the STL model into the printing program and prepare it at good print quality!